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Up to 50% discount on the following items:

only $1.50:
VA (10 rolls)
for only $2.50:
RBN (Ball pump needle)
for only $3.99:
MO-166 Footsie (White only)
MS-1 (Key Chains) WS-2oz (Washing Solution

for only $6.99:
MS-6P   MS-9   MS-10  CKC (Key Chains)
RRCVR (Rope cover)  RBCVR (Ball cover)

for only $8.99:  
NSQ  NVE-3/4 (Tapes)
RJCBW (Junior Back Warmer)
R-401 (Performance Ribbon & Stick, 1,6mx4cm)

for only $9.99:             
RJLGW (Leg Warmers) 
(Ribbon & Stick)
for only $13.99: 
RC-3 (Clubs)   R-414G (4m Ribbon & Stick)    


for only $16.99:  

M-740 (Swivel) RTS-53 (Toes-Shoes)
(Back Warmer)

for only $18.15:  
RYM-PK (yoga carpet)

for only $19.99:
CJRI-402 (4m Ribbon)  CJRI-403 (3m Ribbon)

for only $22.99:
(Swivel)  CRI-401 (Ribbon)  R-33023 (Clubs)
R-42 (Ribbon & Stick) 

for only $24.99:
R-44G-RBW (Ribbon & Stick) 

for only $31.99:
M-726TW (Ribbon)


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